Cartoon Portraits

 When I draw in public, people often stop to ask who I'm drawing.
Typically I'm not drawing anyone at all. Most of my illustrations are pure imagination.

But when I doodle during youth group lessons I have such a fantastic and interesting group of kids around me that I have to draw them.

These girls are a couple of my favorites, they have the most gorgeous hair, phenomenal taste in clothing, and they're hilarious.

So when Tiffany asked if I would draw a picture of her and her bestie, I said yes on the spot. I'd never drawn a picture of the two of them together, but I've always thought I should.

I sorted through their facebook photos, did a couple sketches and
emailed them to Tiffany for approval. Once she'd selected her favorite I started coloring them in. This photo already had a gorgeous color palette so I tried to keep it similar. I sent that off for Tiff's approval and then it went to print, which took  about a week.

The best part was that at some point during this process another girl from youth group had requested I post a sketch I'd drawn of her and Celeste commented that the girl was so lucky because she'd always wanted me to draw her.

Which made the whole project even more exciting :)

Edit: I offer a similar service in my etsy shop, for those who are interested.


  1. You're so talented! Love the coloring and softness of the images you create!

  2. You did a wonderful job. It will make a keepsake for them for many years!

  3. How, fun! Really wonderful artwork. I love how it came out.

  4. They came out beautful! So fun!

  5. Thanks for the kind words everyone!

  6. What a unique cartoon style - my students love it when I draw them, sometimes I do a quick traditional sketch, sometimes an anime-type of drawing, but I think we underestimate how much people love portraits.

    Fantastic work ~ I'll follow you once the followers tool is fixed :)

  7. They look great! I think people would like custom drawings.

  8. You are so talented! That's amazing! Have you done animals? Going to check out your Etsy shop :D

  9. Thanks Della! I've sometimes drawn animals, but I've never done an animal portrait, if that's what you're asking :)

  10. How cool! They look so cute illustrated :) Custom illustrastrations are a great idea!

  11. Melody, you are very talented - beautiful illustration of the girls:):)

  12. so so cool, i dream of being artsy....but i think i'll have to leave that to the real artists like you. thanks for entering my giveaway today!

    andi @ the hollie rogue