Great Stories

I don't know about you, but I love having an outlandish, completely absurd, but absolutely true story to tell.
So when awful things you'd never want to endure happen, I always think, "What a great story!"
Which is why I loved this wall paper by Ross Moody the second I saw it.
by Ross Moody at 55 HI
I have it on my computer at work, to make me smile on rough days.

What's your favorite absurd, yet hilarious, story?


  1. The thing that comes to mind immediately is when I pierced the cartilage in my ear on a whim. It wasn't even the "real" cartilage at the top, but the stuff about halfway up. Anyway, getting it done didn't hurt, but MY GOD was it sore later. It was windy that day, and even the wind made my poor little ear hurt. Couldn't sleep on that side of my head for days.

    Lesson learned: do some research before you pierce anything.

  2. I love this! This is why I always have so many things to talk about lol