Spring Joy

Well, my internet is working properly, so all's right with the world.

And I'm so excited to have my computer up and running that I finished several art projects the past couple days. A couple were commissions, but others were my personal illustrations, which will be finding their way into my etsy shop within the next couple of weeks.

I am loving the warm weather lately, so when I haven't been glue to my computer I've been wandering around my neighborhood. I've lived here a year, but until now I haven't done much exploring. I was so excited to find a park near by and a lovely neighborhood for strolling in!

Though I am a little disappointed with the vending machines around here. One simply wouldn't work and another gave me warm soda. Gross.

What's your favorite thing about your neighborhood?
Least favorite?


  1. Great details on the shirt! I don't like my neighborhood at all. I prefer my old farm life to the subdivision life I have now.

  2. I love my neighborhood I hardly see my neighbors ah...I love that!

  3. Thanks Mandy! I am totally not a farm person, but I know that people who are love it to death :)

    Claudia, ah yes, invisible neighbors are good neighbors :D

  4. I looooove our overall location. Our condo is near a lot of walking paths and parks, and then less than a mile away is our downtown area with tons to do. Unfortunately, our next door neighbor likes to blare his music at all hours of the day and night, but aside from that...

  5. That sounds like a fabulous location! But I do sympathize about the neighbor, I had one like that several years ago. I called the cops on him when he was blaring music at 4 in the morning. Things were a little tense after that, but fortunately he was arrested soon after...

  6. I love the well-groomed feel to the neighborhood, the fact that most people are very friendly. What I don't like, the fact that relationships are merely superficial and I still don't know my neighbors too well...which of course, has to do with me being a hermit, not them:):)

  7. Love your illustration! ♥

    I love my neighborhood, that's why I bought my house. The area was the most important thing to me when house-shopping. The neighbors watch out for one another, without being too bothersome and snoopy. It's nice and quiet while still being a convenient distance from the main area of the city.

  8. cute teeth! :p
    my neighborhood? flat. my boyfriend's? lively.
    i recently spend my time more at my boyfriend's :)


  9. Kala, friendly is good. I don't usually care to know my neighbors, but I guess if I had friendly ones I might get to hoping my life looked a little more like Mayberry

    Megan, that sounds nice!

    Dita, what's a lively neighboorhood look like?

  10. Yes, Kala! Being buddies with the neighbors is not always a good thing, when the inevitable misunderstanding creeps up. I know from experience that a friendly wave, an occasional chat in the driveway, is not a bad thing!

  11. Cute print...she looks so happy :)
    I love in the country, so my neighborhood is really big! I love taking my dog for a walk :)

  12. I am sorry about the internet troubles! those are the worst! I love your style illustrations:) So fun!