I designed this wall paper while frustrated with Adobe Illustrator. You'll notice that no part of the wall paper is designed in Adobe Illustrator.



I obviously have been looking at too much surreal art lately.



I've notice that the people I draw tend to either be seen straight on or maybe at a 3/4 angle. So I'm trying to develop what they look like from the side and other angles.


Fairy Land - Part 1

My sister and I were goofing around and got to talking about taking some photos with sparkles on her face. We make lots of grand plans that usually don't happen, but somehow this one turned into a week long mission to find glitter, a fairy-like outfit, and hair style. Thank goodness for thrift stores and pinterest. My sister loved this hair style, but we couldn't get it right till someone pinned this tutorial. Viola! It was easy and beautiful.

I've only got a handful of the photos edited and many of them didn't turn out because of the low light (in the woods), but I'm have so much fun coloring them up in photoshop!


In Reality

I am not big on reality tv. Most of the shows seem to consist entirely of yelling. Whether you're training children, trading families, baking cakes, stranded on an island, running a restaurant, or stuck in an over-crowded house, the main point of the show is, apparently, to be as loud as possible.

For a long time American Idol was my exception to my reality tv loathing, but even on American Idol I had to skip the audition week. There was less screaming, but I can only assume they didn't have a need for it with all the caterwauling would-be divas. And eventually the show just failed to hold my attention.

For a season I watched So You Think You Can Dance. I love their commercials (which inspired the drawing in this post) and I love the creative movement I see on screen. It's a wonderful way to sketch. But of course that show has it's own concentrated noise. I can only handle so many Hot Tamale Train declarations before I change the channel.

Now lately I find myself watching America's Next Top Model, a show I never thought I would be interested in. There was one Wednesday night when absolutely nothing was on and I thought, "Well, as background noise..." and they were playing the season where Anne won and I just found her wonderful. Not to mention the photography. And I had thought I was going to be sickened or depressed by watching all these ultra-beautiful, stick thin girls, but I was amazed by how girls who really aren't all that stunning, were gorgeous when made up and set in the right light in front of the right photographer. 

Do you watch reality tv at all? Which shows do you love? Which ones do you hate?