Birds of a Feather

One of my close friends has a serious issue with birds. Pigeons specifically.
I think they're cute, she thinks they're rats with wings.

She visited Venice and was horrified to find that the pigeons there are well loved. I decided to draw a girl with a pet pigeon, then forgot all about it for a few months. I didn't draw this with the pigeon girl in mind (and the bird here isn't a pigeon), but it reminded my friend who reminded me.

My friend's revulsion also reminded me of this Portlandia skit.

I don't know about you, but when I was a kid I was always psyched when a bird would fly into a shop. Don't ask me why, it was just cool.

So, are you pro-bird or anti-bird?


Winter Wonderland

I know some people love winter, but I have serious doubts as to what they mean by that.


Waiting Room

Everyone loves waiting for the doctor.You arrive a few minutes early to wait half an hour for someone who will spend 10 minutes not really listening to your symptoms. 

If the doctor is in a good mood she'll order tests. If she's in a bad mood she'll accuse you of hoping to have tumor because you came in about a stomach bug. If she's in a really bad mood she'll threaten to quit because you have questions about her diagnosis.
My favorite part of going to the doctor is when you recite your symptoms and the doctor repeats them back to you as his personal observations. It's like paying $50 for a carnival psychic.

I did go to a good doctor group this week though. They were pretty certain about their diagnosis, but when I questioned part of it they decided to double check it for me - instead of tell me I was being ridiculous. They're even doing some research on the issue between that visit and my next one.

How do you feel about doctors? What's your worst doctor experience? Do you have any great ones?