Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty 8x10 Print
I want to write something delightful and inspiring to go with  this drawing, but I'm watching the presidential debate, so I'm not feeling delightful or inspired.

I don't want to get into which candidate I like best, so let me just harp on the fact that when I was watching NCIS: LA before the debates I saw at least 4 political commercials in a row. Two of them for the same local candidate.

Also, it was really fun to hear both men trying to pronounce that lady's name. I know I should feel sympathy for them because I have a Hispanic friend who insists that no white American is capable of pronouncing her name. But it was funny.


A Sign I Love You

I have a deaf relative, so I've grown up knowing a smattering of signs. She lives far away though, so I never got really good at it. When I was little it was basically finger spelling or "I Love You" .