Night Light

Now available as an 8x8 print or a 5x5 on request!  I personally love this one, the candle, the wind, the night. Some of my favorite elements of life, so I'm pleased to have incorporated them into a drawing.



It's been a few years since I've had to use a Laundromat. Even since I've moved into an apartment without a washer & dryer I've been doing my laundry at the house of a generous friend. But my friend is out of town & someone I don't know is house-sitting.  I could conceivably waltz in there and do my laundry anyway... but I don't know that I'm up for that much awkward.

Fortunately there's a laundromat not far from my home. A few years ago I was driving 30 minutes to do my laundry. I lived in an apartment with no washer/dryer hookup. The landlord conveniently owned a laundromat across the street. There no storage space either and the landlord conveniently owned a u-store-it across the street. These things gave me pause, but the bigger issue was that the dryers in the landlord-owned laundromat burnt people's clothes. Not mine, but my roommate's clothing came back visibly singed. Next closest laundromat? Two towns away. Oh Indiana.

The laundromat is over-priced and wildly inconvenient, even when it's nearby. You can't leave and generally, if you're me, you can't talk to anyone because everyone else is speaking Spanish. Unlesss of course I need to tell anyone, "the princess is crying in the bathroom."  Rosetta Stone = Fail. But, one thing about the laundromat is that it's actually a decent place to sketch, because what else are you going to do?

I have never witnessed kids racing in the laundry carts, though there are usually a few of them playing hide'n-go-seek or tag. But if you were a kid, wouldn't you want to play in the laundry carts? My family never did laundry at the laundromat, but I feel fairly certain that my sisters and I would have tried this.


New Cards

I have a new facebook fan page - come check it out! I'm not doing much with it yet, but in the future I hope to have special deals for facebook fans and of course you'll get all the previews first.

I had a return customer make a request and this is the card I drew up for her.
Printed versions of this card can be made by request.

This card is for sale in my shop, a bit different drawing style than my usual, but it's been popular in the past as well, so I thought it was time to offer some more in that style.


Butterfly Princess

Apparently I've never listed this to my shop before, even though it's a print I designed quite some time ago and presented at other venues. I have several friends who get excited about princesses and formal wear so I drew this especially for them.



Whoa! It's been a long time since I've posted. I guess I've just been busy...playing Tropico?

Ok, so I've been a bum for a while. But I've got some of my recent art pieces available to buy in the shop
Acceptable Addiction - 5x5 Print
Fire & Night - 8x10 Print
God is Bigger Than You Think - 8x10 Print

Plus my brand new, hand-drawn card available and hopefully another later today!


Winter's Coming!

I am not a fan of winter. I do not like cold or snow. But I do like winter scenes. I love drawing coats, boots and scarves. I've drawn a number of  winter cards - not from an aversion to Christmas,  but because I am always sending my cards out late and I like having cards that are appropriate from November to March.

So with winter coming I have two thoughts.

1. You should order your cards now and be ready. I only offer them in singles in the shop, but you can convo me and ask for a custom set.

2. What should this year's card be? Hitherto I mostly have girls out in the snow, which is lovely, but do you have any favorite winter/holiday activities you think would be fun to send on a card? I'd love to hear about them and maybe get some inspiration!