Winter's Coming!

I am not a fan of winter. I do not like cold or snow. But I do like winter scenes. I love drawing coats, boots and scarves. I've drawn a number of  winter cards - not from an aversion to Christmas,  but because I am always sending my cards out late and I like having cards that are appropriate from November to March.

So with winter coming I have two thoughts.

1. You should order your cards now and be ready. I only offer them in singles in the shop, but you can convo me and ask for a custom set.

2. What should this year's card be? Hitherto I mostly have girls out in the snow, which is lovely, but do you have any favorite winter/holiday activities you think would be fun to send on a card? I'd love to hear about them and maybe get some inspiration!


  1. I am agree with u I love the atmosphere of the winter but not the cold :D
    Lovely illustration!

  2. Hot chocolate! (i know its not really an 'activity' but its really wintery and seasonal)

  3. I love wearing wintery clothing for sure. Especially boots. I love scenes of sledding. Or, how about a kitchen scene where there are people making Christmas cookies together and the snow is coming down in the window? Cozy times...

  4. I do have a Christmas cookies one, but I like the idea of showing the window with the snow coming down...maybe I'd put them together in a set. Different baking scenes. That could be nice.

  5. Absolutely adorable! I'm looking forward to not being snowed in this year.

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  6. I have never experienced winter in my whole life, so yes, I think of winter very exotically!

  7. I hate winter... and wearing winter clothes. blech. You could do a snowboarding scene... I tried it once and I didn't like that either. ♥

  8. Elaine, have you moved to a warmer climate?

    Babalisme, my parent's grew up in Miami, Florida so when my mother was young she thought that the glitter on Christmas cards was just for show. When she was all grown up she was shocked to find out snow really sparkled.

    April, I hate winter too. Not a fan of wearing the clothes much either. I like fall-wear, jackets and what-have-you, but coats and boots are only something I enjoy in pictures. Wearing them is a chore.

    I went snowboarding once, little children mocked me. That's how that went.

  9. This is pretty, I like winter scenes too.