Robin McClure: Freelance Writer

I designed these business cards for my friend Robin McClure. They each have a different type of writing Robin specializes in so she customize her marketing plan to specific customer needs.

Listing all the kinds of writing Robin is good with might actually have the effect of making her sound like an amateur.  But putting one type of writing on the card shows that it's a type of writing she focuses on. So I took the five kinds of writing that Robin specializes in (Contemporary Fiction Writing, Travel Writing, Web Content Writing, Freelance Magazine Writing, and Fantasy Writing) and I made cards that were distinct for each, yet had a cohesive look for Robin's writing identity.

Thanks to Moo cards we were able to do that without paying for full runs of five different cards. Usually people have one image with all their information on one side of the moo card and they alternate pretty pictures or patterns on the other side, but we used the side that remains the same to have just a simple background and logo and the changing side to have the changing information.  They arrived today and I think I was as excited as she was to see them in print!


  1. Those are very cute! And I love that you put the different genres on different cards. That will definitely help her come off as an expert.

  2. They turned out great! I've heard of Moo and the creative way they make business cards but I haven't tried them yet.

  3. These turned out really nice. Great service.

  4. Thanks everyone :)

    Tricia, Moo cards are phenomenal, I love them.

  5. Great job on those!
    I seriously need to decide a look for my business card and go for it! When I do, I'll use Moo, of course. :)