Serenity Now

I'm not feeling as calm as the girl in my doodle right now.

For the past several days I have been finding crickets in my apartment. Big ones.

They were usually in the bathroom so I looked online and some people said crickets might come up drains that aren't used very often and are dry. Like in attics or basements.

Other people said it was incredibly unlikely that crickets would come up a drain. That they're probably coming in through a broken seal on a window or something.

Well I guess my life's incredible.

I came home from work today and since the apartment manager hadn't been by, I thought I'd run some water down the shower drain, just in case it was drying out enough during the 23½ hours I don't use it to let crickets crawl up it.

And a HUGE cricket popped out.

Yeah. I guess it's dry.

Fortunately, I have a drain that can be popped closed. So I can stop them from coming in until the landlord is able to fix it, but I cannot even begin to describe how grossed out I am.


  1. Yikes! :( Crickets inside your house are supposed to be good luck, but I'm not sure how I'd feel about having to deal with that many!

  2. Yeeeah. Plus reading about them I found out that they eat pretty much anything. Carpet, clothes, wallpaper, sometimes even wood. Not so lucky.

  3. Hi Melody! I've lived in Arizona for almost 7 years now and still am not used to the crickets. I don't mind there chirpping outside but if one gets in I freak!
    Judy K.

  4. My sister is afraid of crickets...hope this situations gets fixed soon! by the way the girl in the yellow is pretty!

  5. Crickets in your house is the worst--they always start chirping right when you're sleeping. I remember one night my husband and I both trying to find the cricket at like 3 a.m. agggh!

  6. Judy - where did you live before, that you didn't have crickets?

    Claudia, I'm not quite afraid but definitely creeped out. And thanks :)

    Janet - Haven't heard them chirping yet, but that's probably because they tend to congregate in the bathroom.

  7. Beautiful doodle... not so fun with the crickets. Crickets don't scary, but the sudden hopping and general grossness freaks me out just a tad.

    Crossing my fingers you can ward them off for good!

  8. Thanks Tiffany :)

    Yeah, closing the drain has worked so far, despite everyone's assurances that it's impossible for them to be coming from there.

    Maybe they're a mutant breed that can climb up wet metal. I don't know.