This is the face of the new thank-you card I'm having printed up soon.
It's not the face I make when I walk into my bathroom. That look is one of fear and trepidation.

Yes. There are still crickets in my house.

I don't know how they're getting in.
The apartment manager says he has treated for crickets and has now requested that I round the little fellows up and invite them to stay in cozy plastic bags. I will then drop those bags by the office. Presumably this proves that I know what a cricket looks like and haven't gotten it confused with a mosquito or a grass hopper.

I wish I'd known they wanted that Thursday. I got home from a truly hideous evening of sitting in traffic and of course there was a sumo cricket contentedly enjoying the bathroom rug.  I could have urged him into a baggy then. But since I didn't know this was desirable, I smushed him good.

So now I'm in the unfortunate position of hoping another big cricket shows up, so I can bag and tag him for the landlord. I have already caught one of the tiny ones, but these are not going to convince anyone that I have reason to be grossed out. They may chew through cloth, plastic, and wood just as well as their mighty brethren, but they look completely inoffensive.

Does anyone else have problems with bugs? What do you do?


  1. We've never had a cricket issue, but we have a few house centipedes, which I used to call 'silverfish'. BUT.......I found out that they eat spiders so I've become quite fond of them since finding that out. I'll take the house centipedes any day over spiders. I need to write a blog about them!

  2. Aww I like the blonde girl. I don't like crickets, though. I saw one on a porch yesterday...I would have taken his pic but I was afraid he'd jump on me.


  3. Love the drawings! No cricket's here but we may have a wasp's nest in the attic, going up to check it out in the morning.......

  4. I used to have tons of animals when I was a young girl and crickets would escape from the frog's cages and hang out all over the house. We started releasing geckos so they could eat them up. But, you have to not mind lizards living in your house. haha also have you heard of diatomaceous earth? It's a natural bug killer. It scratches their exoskeletons and dries them up naturally.

  5. Ew... I despise crickets, but I love the new illustration!

  6. Gilded - Ew, really, silverfish eat spiders? We may not be calling the same thing silverfish, because the things I'm thinking of don't look capable of eating spiders, I think they absorb their nutrients through the air.

    Lauralee - Thanks! Haha, that's pretty funny.

    Steve - Thanks :) Yikes, I had a wasp problem for a while too, but I finally realized it's because I have a hole in the screen door :/

    Canvas - yeeeeeah, not sure how I'd feel about lizards. They are a step up from bugs, but still... Now, this diatomaceous earth thing sounds good, but what do you do with it?

    Thanks Tiffany!

  7. We sometimes get those little tiny sugar ants. Borax works great.