I'm deathly afraid of skin cancer, so tanning beds are not my thing. On the other hand, neither is snow-white skin - especially when it's just my legs. Normally this doesn't matter because I wear pants year round (hence the whiteness), but on the rare occasion that I don a skirt - particularly a short one...well.

So I bought some bronzer, hoping to make my legs glow a bit less. It was "instant", but not. So it wasn't until the next morning, the day of my close friend's wedding rehearsal that my legs matched the rest of me. Except of course the bits where I had somehow gotten dabs of bronzer on my already tan arms.

I spent half the day at the office panicking and looking up how to take bronzer off skin. Scrubbing, of course, I had tried. Nothing happened.

So after work I bought lemon juice and used cotton balls to scrub it onto my skin. It worked a bit, but finally I resorted to what some people on the internet had said would "take the bronzer right off" and others had warned would have a bad reaction with skin - hydrogen peroxide. Well I know it irritates your skin and shouldn't be used in cuts because it can hinder healing, but on the other hand my mom used to use it on us all the time so how bad could it be?

Yeah, I know, you're thinking I got a rash or took off the top layer of my skin or something, but really it went pretty well. It didn't take the bronzer "right off" but it did fade it alot, except for a couple tiny splotches which refuse to fade. It was at least enough to keep anyone from commenting on it.


  1. oh man. that really sucks, but i am glad you are getting back to normal! :D

  2. Ok, I love your drawings! Love the colors, the expressions, the funky hair! I hearted your painter girl on Etsy and I might have to get you to do a painter girl portrait for me some day. :) Following!

  3. Thanks Ana, yes, for a a while I thought I was going to ruin my friend's wedding by being blotchy, but it all panned out.

    Lindsay, thanks so much!

  4. haha oh no! I have the same problem with snow white legs- one time my mom even asked if I was wearing white stockings (I wasn't). Glad to hear it all worked out in the end!

  5. White stockings?! That's so sad, I bet mine could be mistaken that way too :p