I have an obsession with the work of Patricia McKillip. I was first introduced to her books by a former roommate who encouraged me to read In the Forest of Serre, when I'd run out of Robin McKinley books to devour. I read it in a couple days and was hooked. McKillip has a talent for creating original folk lore, fairy tales that have no roots in our earth's history. It's all vividly detailed, moving, and unexpected.
And there's SO much of it. Twenty-seven novels from 1973 - 2008 and I'm delighted to have only scratched the surface of that collection.

I'm currently almost done with The Shadow of Ombria and as captivated as I am, I had to take time out to draw Lydea, with the late prince's rings tied up in her fiery hair.


  1. Maybe I'm just partial to redheads, but... love it!

  2. Thanks Cherry!

    Beth, I'm partial to redheads too, I think that's part of why I had to draw her.

  3. I love the new illustration Melody, its soo awesome!!! Great job! Truly!

  4. Great work, that is amazing! wish I can draw like you!

  5. Gorgeous! I have never heard of those books but I will have to check them out!

  6. Hi Melody,

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  7. Great illustration!!!
    love how you did the hair!:=D

  8. This is absolutely gorgeous! If I am ever blessed with a daughter someday, I'd love to frame this and hang it in her room.