No, Seriously

This happened. Aside from the pink hair.

I mean, two or three years ago, so it's not as if I still cringe at the idea of taking my car in anywhere to get a tire patched.

And I'm not the confrontational type, so I certainly didn't tell the owner of the shop that I would never come back for any reason at all and would pay to have my car towed to the next town before doing business with them again.

Nor did I announce such a resolve to my entire office this week when I asked where I could go to get a patch on my tire.

Fortunately my coworkers did know of another place and they were dandy. Didn't do it for free like my old tire place, but then again my old tire place didn't tell me my tires were worn out when I asked them about it.
Which is why they're the old place.

No bitterness though.

Disclaimer: the name of the offending tire place is not "Miller Tire", my ire stops just short of running down the company on the web. If you live near a "Miller Tire" I'm sure they're dandy.


  1. Gah! In such situations, you ask yourself 'is this guy stupid or just dishonest?'

  2. haha. gotta love trying to get car stuff done! always a good time!

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  3. I love your illustrations ! so fresh. And yes, you have so effectively conveyed the message about the guy in such a beautiful funny way :)

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  5. Awesome Anny! Thanks for letting me know!

    And thank-you everyone else for your kind comments :)