In Progress - 2

So I saved the previous version of this as a jpg to post online and then I went back and saw that I hadn't saved the photoshop file, just the flattened file. Which would normally mean that I would have to start all over, but I thought I'd experament a little with this one and see what I could do.

It's not too bad, although it did require messing  around with the blending modes more than usual and if I continue to work on it this way I'll have to be much more careful about coloring inside the lines. The way I usually layer means that each part of the drawing has opaque bottom layer that keeps the objects below it from showing through, but since I'm coloring over the line art instead of underneath, that's not possible.


  1. love the red headband with that pretty green background!!

  2. Love your work. Visited your shop too.

  3. Ohhh my gosh you are so creative..I just signed up to "follow" you. Love your art..keep it coming :)

  4. I love this, beautiful colors. And I really like "Alice at the door" too. So creative :)

  5. Very nice and colorful work...did you go to art school??

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