Acceptable Addictions

"They're going to hate us, in the beginning, but we'll get 'em in the end. And do you know why?

Because we'll sell them cheap books and legal, addictive stimulants."
 - Tom Hanks as Joe Fox, You've Got Mail   

I have an addiction to reading and coffee. I'll take them individually, but nothing beats the two together. My former roommate and I have a near weekly tradition of going to Barne's & Noble, ordering our favorite drink and reading for as long as our schedules will let us. Or until the shop closes. 

I can also be found most Sundays nursing a double vanilla chai with ghirardelli chocolate and a favorite novel at a local coffee house.

Which is probably why so many of my doodles involve girls sipping mugs of coffee while they enjoy a book.


  1. That is great! How do you add the colors to your illustrations?

  2. Maureen, Photoshop, much less mess than traditional painting.

    Joni, thanks!

  3. Oh yes, one of my favorite pasttimes too! Also, I get to read to read many a book without buying them! :) Love this one! She's even got my hair!

  4. If I were a coffee drinker, I'd totally be there.

  5. Well, I used to not drink coffee at all, so then it was chai or, even further back, hot chocolate. So I understand. I don't know how I got addicted to coffee. I made it through college without liking it and then one day...poof. Coffee drinker.

    Only the fancy smancy kind though. Only if it has a ton of syrups and espresso and whipped cream.

  6. Agreed. I love coffee and bookstores. While I'm also partial to chai, I don't like premade mixes-only homemade chai, which most big coffee chains dont have. In that case Im all about the decaf soy vanilla extra foam with whip macchiato, or something as equally as fancy, hehe.

  7. I agree - nothing better than a hot latte and a good book.