Preliminary Sketching

I've been sketching out some ideas for a little children's story. Not for publication, just to enhance my portfolio. Most of my illustrative work is a single image for a story, where publisher's like to see that you can complete a story arc and draw the same character over and over again.

I sketched this out at the laundromat, which is one of the best places to sketch in spite of all the noisy machines, screaming kids, and heated conversations in Spanish. Or maybe because of them. How would I know?

The only bad thing about sketching there was that I didn't have a ruler with me, so I was just guessing at the perspective. But I think it's a good first run. Or second run, initially I'd thought to draw this scene from above, but I realized pretty quickly that, that wasn't the angle I was really looking for.


  1. Very cute! I came across your blog through your interview with Claudia. Your sketching style is so fun! ~Val

  2. Melody, I love this sketch, it is fabulous. I am excited to see more of the story. The dreaded is truly awesome that you can achieve something so creative there. Good for you.