New Prints in my Etsy Shop

1. Delicious Summer 2. Dandelion Love 3. Starlit Nights 4. What the Heck? 5. Spring Joy
6. Dancer 7. Story Lane 8. Retro Honey 9. Goldielocks at the Bears

I know you all have seen these illustrations when I first posted them, but they're finally available in the shop!

Are you all enjoying your labor day weekend? Any big plans?

I was a little surprised to find myself without plans this weekend. Other years I've done crazy things like driving to Florida with a friend, learning to drive stick shift and then driving under 48 hours. Or I've done normal things like cookouts.  This year I'm mostly planning on doing some illustrations for my sisters and meeting some friends for Starbucks.

What about you? Do you do special/crazy things for Labor Day or is it pretty much your average weekend?


  1. Very nice! My daughter would LOVE the Goldilocks illustration!

  2. Like you, I have no big plans for this weekend. I'm pretty glad because I'm on a major creative streak and I'm working on some new stuff to put in my shop soon.

  3. That's great Sher! I was thinking that Monday would be a big creative day for me, and it still might be, but I got a cookout invite tonight so I am looking forward to that now :)