Amish Neighbors

My neighbors aren't really Amish, but I work in an area with lots of Amish people in it and I've drawn illustrations for four books that have stories featuring mostly Amish people. This illustration is just one I was drawing to loosen up for a day of creating.

The Amish are interesting people, but I think more interesting than what they're not allowed to do is what they are. Yesterday I was getting my hair cut and in the next chair was an Amish lady getting her hair dyed. Last week I was at the mall and saw a group of Amish girls. I see them in the mall regularly, they buy shoes and sweaters there all the time, but I was still a little surprised them toting pink striped bags from Victoria's Secret.

Have you seen anything that surprised you recently?


  1. Brings to mind that underneath, we are all the same, doesn't it?:):)