Pixi Haircut

What do you think? Do you like pixie hair cuts? I kind of want to like them, but I never quite can.
I've had fairly short hair myself, too and I never end up liking it when I look back at photographs, even though people tell me it looks great at the time.

Lately I've been reading a lot of beauty/fashion/hair blogs like Hair Romance, The Beauty Department, and Keiko Lynn and there are all kinds of styles I want to try with my hair, but I realized that I couldn't try most of them with my hair falling just past my chin! So now I'm growing it out even further so I can play.

Do you like long hair or short hair best for yourself?


  1. I love pixie cuts on the right face. My middle daughter is 27 and has a tiny Audrey Hepburn shaped face and she ROCKS the pixie cut...I adore it on her!!! I don't like it quite that short on me though. :)

  2. I had a pixie cut as a little girl and cried!! I have curly hair, so that cut didn't work well. In retrospect, I think it was more like a bad beehive! I prefer my hair long, and will probably be that old lady with long hair! Hey, if Erica Kane can wear long hair at her age, we all can!!

  3. I'm a long hair type of girl! I like short hair on people but not for myself. I love beauty dept. and keiko lynn's blog!

  4. Melody-Mae - that's true, Audrey Hepburn looked gorgeous with a pixie cut, so I suppose I like a very few people with pixie cuts.

    Cathouse - one of my sister had to get a bunch of her hair hacked off when she was a teenager and she was inconsolable. I think she'll have long hair for the rest of her life too!

    Stela, me too!

  5. I have curly hair...but it never seems to grow past down my shoulders :( I am ready to chop it off and straighten it everyday with my flat iron! I think I was born to have straight hair but something went wrong :/

  6. Claudia, I love curly hair! But I can understand why you might want to straighten it too. My hair is really not curly or straight or just does it's own weird thing. So I think a lot about straightening it, but I don't actually do it very often.

  7. I think pixie haircuts are adorable! I've had them a few times myself. On one hand I love them because they're easy and fun and if all else fails I can throw a hat on :D But now I'm in the process (again!) of growing my hair out! No matter how much I love short hair, I love my longer hair more :D

  8. i love the colours in this post.
    it's quite bee-you-tee-ful!

    your blog is all kinds of delightful too.
    merci x

  9. I think you have to have the right face and neck to pull it off. I don't :) I've always had long hair, nothing elaborate, just grow my hair as long as it will go (just past my shoulders). I've always worked in jobs where an elaborate hair style won't survive the hardhat or cleanroom garb.

  10. I love love LOVE pixie haircuts! I don't exactly have a pixie but I don't think I could ever go back to having long hair.