We're going to the chapel and...

Curly Cutie OOAK Card
I haven't had much to post lately, because I've been working on top secret projects like wedding invitations and business cards, rather than my personal art or etsy shop art.

I'll post both projects when I'm done, but I think most brides like to keep their invites special for the invitees, so those'll probably have to wait till the wedding is over.

I just got done with all kinds of crazy wedding stuff in September, when a close friend of mine got married and now I'm jumping into more as my sister's very short engagement rapidly approaches the wedding date. I shared the funky bronzer story from my friend's rehearsal dinner, but what I didn't share was the torture of trying on bridesmaid dresses.

If you've ever been in a wedding you know that the dress shops do not carry every size for you to see what actually looks good on you. They carry each dress in maybe two or three sizes, so like... an 8 and a 22. Maybe. Maybe just the 8. So if you're a 14 like me, you just have to cram yourself in the 8 and guess if it might look nice on you if it were to be the correct size. No one at the dress shop ever understands why this is problematic. Why would you care if you look good in a dress you're shelling out $150 bucks for? You're only wearing it once, right?
 I looked halfway decent in my dress last time, but I gained a bit of weight in the couple weeks before the wedding, which wasn't enough to have an effect on my everyday clothes, but did mean the top of my dress wasn't as it had been originally. Good times. This time I get to pick my dress and it will have straps, blast it.

What's your favorite/funniest bridesmaid (or groomsmen) fiasco?


  1. Lol...I have bad luck at weddings. I've only ever been to 2, but the first one, I fainted (I was just in the audience, thank goodness.) The second time, I was a bridesmaid and my dress was too long and made it awkward to walk so I was in a hurry to get up the aisle. I practically dragged the guy I was walking with up the aisle and with each step, my heel was going through the extra material at the bottom of the dress. Next time, I WILL get the dress altered!

  2. Oh wow, I've heard of people who are standing up front fainting from standing so long with their knees locked (not enough blood circulation or something), but never anyone in the audience. Were you feeling particular tense or did they make the audience stand too?

  3. LOL Been there on the dress, but the other way around. My older sister was getting married in a vintage dress. She lived far away, so my mom had me stand on a stool for hours each night while she hand stitched this heirloom so that the new stitches could be easily removed and the dress returned to the loaner. Well, all those hours of being a mannequin in an un-air conditioned house in August made me lose weight. I put on my dress for the wedding which was made months in advance and we had to use pins and bobbie pins to get it to stay on me!

    You ar lovely!

    Have a great day.

    Be sure to stop by my blog too.

  4. Christie, oh my! I can't imagine - I could barely stand still to have the hem on mine pinned.

    Hope your day is great too.

    Off to check out your blog now :)

  5. Ahhh.. bridesmaids dresses. I have one in my closet that is the same colour as Barney the dinosaur... I don't think that colour is or ever will be in style.
    Wear it again? Um, no.

  6. Haha, nice. You could dye it. Can't make it any worse, right?

  7. i love this drawing--it is too cute. looks like my niece!

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