Sugar and Hearts

I mentioned before that I love Valentine's Day, so here's another Sweetheart Valentine. It isn't romantic, but if you know someone who's a sweetheart, whether it's a sister or friend, it is the perfect card to send them at Valentine's Day or any time of the year.

I know I'll be sending out valentine's to some charming friends of mine, just because they're special :)

And since there's a group of us that are single for v-day this year, maybe we'll get together and do something special.
Along the V-Day theme, I also have a coloring page for the kiddies. Click on it for a larger more printable image, but please don't use it for anything other than a coloring sheet. It isn't for selling or altering other than with crayons.
I feel like our divergent thoughts on Valentine's Day start early...


  1. I'm totally the boy in this picture! Not only do I love dinosaurs, but I haaaaaaate Valentine's Day.

  2. Haha, that's fabulous. I think people expect me to hate valentine's day, it would fit with my hatred of "A Walk to Remember" and "The Notebook", but I can't help myself, I do love all the hearts and candy.

  3. I love that coloring page. Reminds me of my little brother, who can't stand girls. hahahaha just wait a few years :)

  4. LOL! SO cute what a sweet thing - Thanks!

  5. Thanks Catherine, you know it's funny, my little brother was never that way. He always loved the ladies and they always loved him back!

  6. that's so cute.

    i don't know, i find dinosaurs romantic.