Silent Songbird

I have a condition called Fibyomyalgia. Or Myofascial Pain Syndrome. Or both. My doctors didn't agree and now I don't have health insurance so it's a little unclear.

The main thing is, my muscles hurt.

I'm not a person that this is a big deal for.
Some people have such severe pain that they can't work, it's hard to sleep, and even small household chores can wipe them out for the day. I hold down a full time job, keep my apartment respectable, sell my personal art on the side, volunteer weekly, and have a decent social life.

But every now and again it becomes problematic.

It isn't the biggest problem I've had, but this past week I've had a bit of a pain in my jaw. At first I thought my teeth hurt and I had cavities again and, I won't lie, I was pretty upset. But as I considered it more I realized that my teeth were not bothered by crunching up hard foods, drinking ice-water, or eating sweets - all cavity related issues that popped up last time.

I came to realize that actually my jaw didn't hurt at all in the early morning (like it might if I were grinding my teeth at night) or in the late evening (when, this week, I've been home alone).

Kids, my mouth has been hurting whenever I've been singing! I tend to sing when I'm in the car or the tv is off in my apartment (though I try to not, because I figure my neighbors have never done anything to deserve that)
So I decided to quit.  It's not like I sing well, so what's the big deal?

Oh. Apparently I love to sing. I catch myself trying to sing all the time. I hear the chorus of a song I love and I just want to belt it out. It's been all of two days since I had this revelation and I'm going nuts!


  1. Maybe you should try singing country music? I think your jaw might be more relaxed! lol
    I recently went to the dentist thinking I needed a root canal and it ended up to be sinus issues. I was surprised at that.

    I have a good fiend with fybromyalgia. She has a more chronic condition of it for sure. I hope you can get lots of rest when you need it.


  2. lol, Joni, not much of a country music fan so it probably wouldn't be all that relaxing.

    Wow, yeah, it's crazy how we can think we know what's wrong with us and it's something totally unexpected.

    Thanks Mandy!

  3. So sorry to hear about the fibromyalgia. Everyone seems different with it. I know some love to sit in a sauna and that helps. Others have said exercising helps. Hopefully you could get a massage once in awhile. I heard that helps too. As far as the singing goes, you keep it up. It's good for you, or you can hum. Take care!

  4. Hey Cindy, I've never tried a sauna, but a hot bath does help. Exercising lightly does help me and I will say I haven't been doing much of that lately, I should try and get back into the habit again.