Color Thankfully

Another coloring page, this one is Thanksgiving themed. I know after a long day of cooking my mom always expected us kids to help set the table and what-not. Feel free to print out for your kids to color, but you may not alter, redistribute, or profit from this image in any way. This image is for coloring purposes only.


  1. Hi,
    Your characters are so cute! I'm following from the Etsy forum. I would love it if you followed back. : )


  2. Thanks Felicity! I'm heading over to check out your blog now.

  3. Fun post. When I was a kid....we always colored and did little artsy stuff after dinner.

  4. Very cute! I like your line work and their lively expressions!

  5. Hello Melody :)

    Kids or not, my parents still asking me to help set the table and what-not until nowadays XD

    By the way, I have something for you at my blog :D (the last part)

  6. Thanks SaraLynn, I didn't like this as much as my October coloring page, but the kids entering the contest (it's a local thing) seem to like it better - it just opened and I've been getting stacks of coloring pages!

    Yeevon, thanks! Loved reading your seven things, especially the bit about the stars and the cloud watching.

  7. Yeevon, good point about setting the table - although my mom tries to get us to cook now, which is fine for my sister who loves it, but a bit of a chore to me :)