Excuses Excuses

 When I was a kid I have a book called "Excuses, Excuses" and it had all kinds of ridiculous excuses a kid might use to get out of chores. Like if you want to get out of cleaning your room you could make a bear print stamp and stamp the prints all over the house, so then you'd tell your mom you can't clean your room because you have to track down a bear. What? you think your mom wants a bear loose in the house? You'd totally get out of it.

But most people use their excuses differently.

There are excuses for things you don't want to do,

"It's a bummer, but I can't! I totally would, but I have so much to do at home! I just can't tear myself away!" - from The Sims 3.

"I can't, because I'm sick, coughcough." - of helping you with your home projects.

And excuses for things you forgot to do,

"I couldn't because I ran into this lady who lost her dog and she was so heartbroken that I just had to help her find fifi and it took the whole afternoon!" - or two minutes of it.

Or for things you want to do,

"I'm sorry, I have to attend this ball game, it's really important to my dad and he's dying." - at some point. 

And for things you shouldn't do,
"Well you see officer..." Yeah, I bet you have enough practice with that one.

Yesterday I dealt with a lady who had a huge list of excuses.
I don't think she was lying either, she had a lot going on.
Probably last month was a bad month.
But the more excuses she gave me, the angrier I got!
Because the way she said it, it was like it was my fault her month was bad. And I should have known it was bad.
Probably she felt judged by my frustration with her, but I tell you nothing makes me so inclined as to go easy on someone as a big old, "I'm Sorry!"

"I'm so sorry I murdered that man, I just didn't like him!"
"Oh honey, don't worry, probably no one else did either! Plus he had ugly hair."
"It's a toupee."
"Well there you go."

The truth is that before her irate excuses I was feeling bad because I'd voiced my frustration, but when I listened to how it was all me being inconsiderate of the bad month I didn't know about - shazaam!  No more sorry. It's magic!

What excuses make you more angry instead of less?


  1. I there! This is such a funny posts! I came here via curious pug, great interview! Also I checked out your shop and it' so cool. I hearted your card with the girl in the blue dress with the afro...I swear she looks just like my daughter in the mornings! lol! Hope you dont mind me peeking here once in a while!


  2. Oh, goodness! I've heard so many excuses in my time. I'd probably get frustrated too if I were you. I have a co-worker that always has an excuse to get out of doing something. I'm really not sure if she's done anything all year!

  3. Haha. That sounds like a really awesome book! On a more serious note, I encounter all sort of excuses from people to not get their work done. All I do is keep smiling and let 5-10 seconds pass by before I muster a somewhat civil reply.

  4. Tee hee, why did I never think of that bear excuse?! Ha, but no really, empty excuses frustrate me, too. Especially when they take more time to tell than if the guilty party had just done what was supposed to be done in the first place.

  5. Claudia, not at all, I'd be delighted if you'd peek in here now and again :)

    Mandy, yes, that's the worst. I don't currently have any coworkers like that, but when I have, wow.

    Steffi, I should have done that this week, but I was really short with some people and had to do some apologizing of my own. But I was really careful not to make excuses for it!

    Aqua, yes! She didn't have time to email the form I needed, but this lady could send me five emails detailing her awful month!

  6. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog :) (I'm following, and I love your Etsy shop too :) )

    My hubbie had a friend who was always at the super market when he tried to ask him to come over. I mean ALWAYS :D