The Thirteenth Tale

I know I've mentioned my love of Patricia McKillip's many, many books, but one of my other favorite authors only has one book so far.

Diane Setterfield published The Thirteenth Tale in 2006. I discovered it a few years later and I've been loving it ever since.  It's a gothic mystery novel and a book-lover's book.

I don't even know how to tell you how much I love this book, except that I'm not afraid to over-hype it at all, because it can't be done. My sister says the story is so good you forget it had to be written, constructed by a human author who decided what would and would not happen. It just is


  1. Never heard of this book. I've got one more book to go, and then I can take a trip to the library. I'll try to find it!

    1. Totally worth looking for. And hopefully they'll have it, it was on the best seller list for a while, so it should be in a library. I know I always see it in bookstores.