It's been a long time since my last post. Probably that has cost me most of my small readership.
But sometimes you just need a break.

I haven't had internet for almost a year, so that meant creating a post at home, saving it to a thumb drive and uploading it to the internet somewhere else later.


But. I now have internet. And I can sit here in my pjs, watching Seinfeld episodes and typing on the internet in real time.

It's fantastic.

I also hope this will mean more frequent updates to my etsy shop. But I'm starting with the blog. It's easier.

I'm doubly delighted because it is also finally starting to resemble springtime. It's wonderful to open my windows and feel a nice breeze coming in. Or to wander around the neighborhood without freezing to pieces.

What's something you've been waiting a long time for? Have you got it yet or do you expect to be waiting a while longer?


  1. Hey welcome to blogland! I did miss you and thought of you... our spring in California is here already! Congrats on your connection!

  2. I should have said welcome back! ;)

  3. Thanks Claudia! Lucky, I wish Indiana had more spring, but it'll shilly-shally around with the idea of spring until all of a sudden we'll have a blazing hot summer. Oh well. Enjoy your weather!

  4. Welcome back!! Today I worked in my yard, it's been a long, LONG winter here in Michigan! I can't wait to work in my flower beds :)

  5. That's so exciting ChinaMommy! What kind of flowers do you grow?

  6. Wecome back to blogging Melody. I was gone for almost a year before I got back in March, so I know how that goes:) I can't wait to get going on launching my a few weeks time:):)

  7. That's awesome Kala! What's your non-profit about/for/doing?