Goldie Locks

Hand Colored with Ink & Colored Pencil
My latest ooak listing. I hope to have some more up tomorrow. The fact is I have a BUNCH of these in my apartment, I just haven't gotten around to editing the photos yet. They all have bright, colored envelopes to go with them, that have sticky closures (no gross glue taste!) and of course they're all adorable.

I did a show back in December where I had a pretty good crowd of girls standing around carefully trying to select the very best of my business cards to take home. Which was a nice distraction while their mom's were mouthing their orders over the little girl's heads!

But of course the guys weren't as excited. One dad looked at a card similar to this one and said, "It's all about the hair isn't it?" His tone implied he'd rather have his team lose the super bowl every year for the rest of his life than deal with my art on his walls, but his wife seemed interested!


  1. Melody,your pretty impressive yourself! You start from scratch while I color in the lines LOL! Thanks for coming by and commenting.

  2. Wow, this is amazing! You're so talented. Your work is so cute and fun.

    That's such a cute story about the moms mouthing orders over the girls heads, lol!

  3. Thanks Judy!

    Sofi, thanks! There was one little girl who asked if a particular piece was for sale and her mom was shaking her head no because she was going to buy it for her. So I told the girl no and she looked SO heart broken! But hopefully opening it on Christmas morning made up for it.

  4. Art isn't meant to be loved by everyone, but you've found your market, and they seem to love it. BTW, I love it too!

  5. Hi Melody...thanks for entering my giveaway and yes, that was the "hidden" picture. I love your art work - it is so bright and cherry; the faces are adorable.

  6. She's adorable! I've met quite a couples in my life where the reason the women won't cut their hair is because of their men loving their flowing locks, so perhaps that dad wasn't being quite as much as a jerk as his tone implied.

  7. So so lovely!
    You are super talented, your artwork makes my heart sing!
    Thank you for mentioning my giveaway, I'm following you, too!
    Now you'll have to excuse me, I'm grabbing a hot cup of coffee and having a wonder around your blog
    I can't wait to see more of your artwork!

  8. Such talent, Wow! I'm wondering your blog too!

  9. Aquariann, yeah, I've known couples where the guy didn't want the lady to cut her hair until they got married. Then he wanted it gone because it was always in the way when they slept!

    Thanks Mariann, thanks Dresstothe9s!