They Call Me Adventure

I love adventure stories. Torture, revenge, giants, monsters,chases, escapes, miracles, true love. And of course I like to think that in the protagonist's place I would be just as butt-kickingly awesome.

The truth is, probably I'd be more like blondie here.
But with less poise.

Bugs gross me out. 
I'm scared of heights. 
I have no upper body strength to speak of. And no skills that would suddenly come in handy were I to be thrust into the middle of a secret government conspiracy.

I want to be capable, independent Marion Ravenwood from Raiders of the Lost Ark, but I'd honestly be whining Wilhelmina in The Temple of Doom. Screaming and crying my way through the entire story with even small children becoming annoyed at my incompetence. 

C'est la vie. That's why I'm an artist.



  1. This is so amazing! Maybe I'm just partial to the blond. :)

  2. HI there, found your blog on aquariann's blog and was fascinated by your avatar. You do wonderful illustration.

  3. Loving your illustrations!

    Happy Holidays xx

  4. This is hilarious. I've got upper body strength *yay yoga* and I love bugs... and I think I'm overall a pretty competent person when I need to be, but sometimes... I'm the blonde girl. Sometimes.