Christmas Time Is Here

I'm not a super festive person. Left to my own devices I don't really decorate for Christmas and of course any kind of seasonal clothing is out of the question. I have no explanation as to why, it's just how I am. But I do enjoy that other people are festive. I love the lights, when they're done tastefully - which is apparently not going to happen in my neighborhood this year. I love the shop displays. And I love carolers. They're so cute and picturesque.  So feel free to print out this coloring sheet for the you or the kiddos to color (you know you want to) . Please don't use it for any other purpose, personal or commercial. It is for coloring only.


  1. So cute! I'm not much for the holidays myself. I do like seeing lights at night, though.

  2. Mandy, yes, I love Christmas lights. Everything just looks so sweet with on.

  3. This is so cute - I'm so impressed with your cartoons!

    I really love white Christmas lights and can't wait until I live in a place with a yard so that I can really decorate!

    - Lindsay

  4. aww what a sweet colouring page. I love the christmas season and decorating the house with lights and a tree and of course.. a ton of christmas baking

  5. I found your blog on Etsy and I'm glad I did, because your illustrations are beautiful! Great work. :-)

  6. You are very talented!! Hi there- I am your newest follower! I found you on the Etsy forum & would love it if you would stop by and return the love :)

  7. Thanks Lindsay, yes, the white ones look like magic.

    Stephanie, I love to bake around Christmas. Don't do it much any other time, but at Christmas...mmmm.

    Brigita, thank-you!

    Kelly, heading over to check it out now!

  8. Thanks for the printable!
    We used to win every year in our neighborhood for the holiday lighting contest. I like creating those memories for my 4 little ones.