Oh Baby!

I love cute party supplies, so when  my good friend announced she was expecting I staked out my claim to throw her a baby shower. I know some people complain about pinterest making everyone go over the top, but really all it did was give me a project idea and inspire me to buy cute straws. The last bit may have happened anyway when I passed by them in Target.

The garland is something I've had around for a couple christmases - I made it into a pregnant-lady crown because my friend loves stars and anything with a little shimmer.

I made strawberry and peach kabobs with goat cheese. Because almost anything is better with goat cheese. I also made some without because I know a very few people who don't like goat cheese, but none f our guests disliked it, so I guess I could have made them all with goat cheese. I also had summer sausage and cheddar kabobs, which were almost as tasty.

 This flourless chocolate cake with almond whipped cream does not look like much, but it's phenomenal. If you don't believe me you'll just have to try the recipe for yourself. I've made it three times and each time people raved. I'm not such a wondrous cook that I think any praise lies with me. It's the recipe. Try it. You'll die happy.

Instead of  awkward games that have people sniffing the insides of diapers or eating baby food blindfolded, I decided to have us decorate onesies. Now, some people use puff paints and tht's what my horrified friends thought I was planning on doing. But for the sake of my carpet and to have a better chance at adorable, I have us cut out cute cloth shapes and iron them onto the onesies.

I bought one of those coordinating fat-quarter packs and a couple packages of steam-2-seam (more info and ideas here). It didn't matter if people just cute out the cute shapes on the fabric and arranged them or if they had their own design in mind - all the onesies came out 100% adorable and everyone had fun!


  1. I love the idea of decorating onesies for a baby shower! Very cute and handy .. muchhhhhh better than sniffing the insides of diapers haha :)

  2. I like the cake recipe, it looks heavenly!