New Cards

I've got some fun new pieces in my etsy shop, Most of them have appeared on this blog fairly recently. The cards don't always put in an appearance though. My Delighted blank card was drawn for a thank-you card. But I am always super frustrated by the cutest cards having "thank-you" scrawled across them. So I wanted my own to be more flexible. You could write about anything exciting and I'm pretty sure this card would convey that feeling.

I like similar flexibility on Christmas cards.  Christmas trees, angels, and nativity scenes have such a narrow window when they can be sent. That's all well and good if you're an organized correspondent. Alas, I am not. I might get cards out early, I might mail them out closer to Valentine's Day. Very few will go out during the appropriate Christmas season.

Most years I don't get cards out at all. But since I was, unintentially, on the ball and got this Happy Christmas card done this year. I will probably be sending them out to everyone I know.


  1. The new cards are wonderful. Very lighthearted and fresh.
    I know what you mean about the Thank You cards. I have a drawer filled with greeting cards and I swear at least 50% of them say Thank You across the front ... or inside. Whenever I'm looking for a note card just to say hello, I find all the best cards are for Thank You's. Really now, just how many thank yous does one have in a calendar year? (maybe yous isn't really a word? lol)

    1. Thanks!
      Yes, I don't have SO many thank-yous to write that I need the majority of my note cards to be labled with it.

  2. These are AMAZING! You are a wonderful artist! I'm totally in love with your work. It's too cute! Going to check out your Etsy site. :)