Too Early

I know it isn't even remotely time to be thinking about Christmas. I don't like Christmas music or decorations to happen early. I'd really prefer it if they trickled in slowly after Thanksgiving had fully passed. It would be a little more graceful. A lot more magic.  But I'm in the wrong line of business for that. Even as late as local companies push Christmas advertising, I have to start designing those ads now if they're going to be ready in time for the early  December publications.

How do you feel about the holidays? Which one is your favorite?


  1. Poor Thanksgiving has totally gotten the shaft. Decorations in stores go right from Halloween to Christmas.

    It's way too soon. I like to get my shopping done early, but I don't need a bunch of tinsel in my face while doing so. Santa arrived at our mall this weekend. Ugh.

  2. I agree. Thanksgiving feels very rushed because of all the Christmas decorations going up in the stores. The pressure to jump from Halloween to Christmas really creates stress when we should be enjoying Fall and Winter.

  3. We don't celebrate Christmas but if we did it would definitely be my favorite.. the presents.. the tree.. the ornaments.. it's magical.

  4. i love holidays, easter and christmas are the most important for me <3 .

    your illustration are so cutE!!!

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