Curly Girls

These were just little practice doodles for an illustration of the little girl with the little curl in the middle of her forehead. The one on the left is minorly based on a girl in an old cocoa advertisement  and the one on the right is somewhat based off Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.

I just love the ruffled collar and apron on this girl. And her sweet face, which I can't really duplicate in my style of drawing.
 But I didn't want her to have just plain braids, I really wanted to emphasize the curly hair, so looked to Dorothy's style (from about the same era) for how to do those curls.


  1. I just found you! I love your girls!

  2. very cute! love your drawing style, so darling.

  3. How cute! Thank you for visiting my shop and leaving a comment.

  4. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog :)
    The image from my header is not drawn by me though, sadly. I wished I could draw so much but after years of trying, I have come to accept the fact that drawing was not made for me :X and that i should leave it up to people with real talent like you to do it!

    I love your illustrations. They remind me so much of my childhood, or at least the kind of illustrations anyone should enjoy :D

  5. I have to say that YOU are one of my favorite bloggers and I LOVE your art work! I haven't drawn in soo long that I almost think I have forgotten (not really)! But you do inspire me to get back to my roots and do what I know I love! Thanks!

    Congratulations! You have been awarded with the "I Love Your Blog" award! You can check it out on my blog:

  6. So sweet and I love seeing peoples work in progress and how their process works . : )

  7. Thanks so much everyone, and especially JBC for including me in your favorites!