Wedding Poster

Last December I got an interesting illustration request. This neat couple was having their wedding at an old fashioned movie theater and wanted an illustration designed to be a movie poster for their wedding.  It was such a unique and fun idea and I was thrilled to work on it. But I never saw the finished product because the the theater has their own custom printing done.

But yesterday the bride emailed me some photos from the day!

It's so neat to see it, not just printed out, but in the theater's poster window! And with Jessica and Justin too! How cool.


Fly Away

Whenever I'm looking at people's bios I always see that they "love to travel". So at this point I just assume everyone loves to travel. Which is a little funny considering how much people also love to complain about traveling.

My worst experience was getting stuck in a traffic jam in Minnesota. Apparently no one had considered creating a detour for the road construction and so traffic was just stopped. One by one each driver figured out that they could wait until the road work ended in a week or two or pull an illegal u-turn and hope for the best.

The best turned out to be stop and go traffic through a series of tiny towns celebrating a boat festival. In a stick shift. We were so sick by the time we finally hit another highway we had to stop at a coffee shop and buy waters just so we could sit for a while. The whole experience added 5 hours to our trip.

By the time we were an hour from home we had the windows down so we would be too cold to sleep and the music cranked, repeating the same 3 loud songs over and over, which  we sang at the top of our lungs.

I have much better experiences with flying. The worst thing that's ever happened to me on a plane is the in-flight movies being School of Rock and Duplex.


Sweet Swing

I occasionally hear from animal lovers who wish I included more cute, fluffiness in my drawings.

I am not an animal lover. For the most part the word "animal" brings to mind the variety that might claw out my eyes or bite off a hand. Like a raccoon or stray dog.

But I do love bunnies.