Self Portrait

This is me today. Just for fun.


Hidden Garden

I enter a lot of give-aways online and sometimes I win! This month  I won a give-away over at Etsy Stalker and got a gorgeous necklace from Hidden Garden 11 on etsy!

I was pretty excited about winning this one and even more excited when I opened the package. A lot of the jewelry I win is pretty, but not made out of the best materials. I can tell this necklace is well made just from how it feels. The chain is sturdy and that is not just some epoxy sticker slapped on top of a leaf sliver and scrabble tile, that's poured resin my friends. The silver setting comes up around the sides and fits perfectly.

They were also extra sweet and included some little candies. Too fun!

You can read Etsy Stalker's interview with Vanja and Morana of Hidden Garden here.


Another Day, Another Doodle

Just a little doodle girl and a background motif I recycled from invitations I made for my sister.