Fiction Addiction

Lately I've been re-reading the Harry Potter series. I love that Rowling populated her books with a huge family of red-heads, because I think red-hair is gorgeous. Of course, I don't own the entire set, so I'm spending quite a bit of money buying a new book every week but....Harry Potter.

Last Sunday I was sitting in one of my favorite cafes and a guy walked passed me, came back and asked me if I was reading "The Chamber of Secrets" for the first time or not. At first  I thought he might be hitting on me, but no. He's just really, really excited to see someone enjoying Harry Potter.

That might be taking things too far.



It's been a long time since my last post. Probably that has cost me most of my small readership.
But sometimes you just need a break.

I haven't had internet for almost a year, so that meant creating a post at home, saving it to a thumb drive and uploading it to the internet somewhere else later.


But. I now have internet. And I can sit here in my pjs, watching Seinfeld episodes and typing on the internet in real time.

It's fantastic.

I also hope this will mean more frequent updates to my etsy shop. But I'm starting with the blog. It's easier.

I'm doubly delighted because it is also finally starting to resemble springtime. It's wonderful to open my windows and feel a nice breeze coming in. Or to wander around the neighborhood without freezing to pieces.

What's something you've been waiting a long time for? Have you got it yet or do you expect to be waiting a while longer?